Other Services

Legal Management

Spindletop’s advisers have extensive in-house legal experience with small and major oil and gas companies. We are familiar with the diversity of matters that can arise including litigation, debt/equity fund raising or major oi and gas developments. We can provide cover for overflow or be retained for specific short-term high activity projects that need senior attention

Sean Rush – The ‘In-House Interview’: ‘The Lawyer’ 2002

Policy Development

Our global experience gives us a unique insight into the many regulatory and fiscal frameworks and instruments that are available to Government. We have advised regulators, trade associations and NGOs on policy matters relevant to the oil and gas sector and use of high pressure national transmission pipelines and infrastructure for the domestic gas market.

New Zealand opportunities

New Zealand has one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zones and Extended Continental Shelves in the world, covering approximately 6 million square kilometres. It has eighteen recognised sedimentary basins comprising over 1.2 million square kilometres.

We are well connected to local G & G expertise, Overseas Investment Office and potential local partners. If you are interested in investing in New Zealand we can help.


We can provide customised training programmes tailored to suit covering the typical commercial structures common to the New Zealand domestic or international. Our training programmes build on presentations delivered to industry coupled with academic and historical analyses developed with assistance from Dundee's Centre for Energy, Mineral and Petroleum Law and Policy.