Buzzard field UKCS (courtesy of Nexen Petroleum)

                                          Sean is noted in the Legal 500 for his ‘pragmatism, persistence and availability.’

  • “There are two types of lawyers in this world – deal makers and deal breakers – Sean, you are a deal maker” Keith Hughes, Senior Partner at Le Bouef, Lamb, Green and MacRae after Petro-Canada successfully acquired the Intrepid Group of Companies (including a 29% interest in the UK’s Buzzard field) from his client for US$840 million.


  • “Sean, I always appreciated your principled approach and willingness to work hard and offer solutions.” Doug Goodridge, lead commercial negotiator for ExxonMobil Canada Properties at the conclusion of the Hibernia South extension’s joint venture negotiations that included Unit and Unit Operating, Processing and Operating Services and Joint Operating Agreements.


  • “Sean’s involvement probably saved us 2 months’ worth of additional negotiations” Guy Jarvis VP Enbridge Pipelines Inc commenting when signing the US$2.2 billion Design, Build, Own and Operate “dilbit” pipeline agreement between Petro-Canada and Enbridge.


  • “Sean’s contribution in getting these agreements to signature over the last few weeks has been significant – we wouldn’t have done it without him” Jo Danko, lead Commercial Manager for CH2M Hill, at the signing of the two CAD$250 million Fort Hills (Petro-Canada) EPCs.


  • “I have received a number of compliments from outside parties talking about the professionalism and thoroughness of our team and processes. To this end, I would like to thank you for all of your time and effort. You were a key participant in making this happen.” Harry Roberts, CFO of Petro-Canada after Petro-Canada’s successful US$1.5 billion public debt offering, 2008. 


  • “I really enjoyed working with you as you spoke your mind and a great sense of humour. I also enjoyed our conversations when out of the meetings. I believe that the agreements have resulted in a higher quality with your involvement than they would have been without you.” Arden Berg, CEO of Canada Hibernia Holdings Corporation, a Canadian Crown entity and participant in the Hibernia South extension project.


  • “You added a lot of value for your Company over the years” Terry Wells, former Central North Sea commercial manager for Shell UK


  • I worked with Sean on several A&D transactions and have great respect for him. An excellent lawyer with a commercial head.Andrew Woodhill Manager of Tax, Petro-Canada UK Limited.